Hair Benders Academy is a Cosmetology school facility which offers a salon-style learning atmosphere that combines a quality education and real-life hands on career training in the exciting field of Cosmetology. Its full-service clinic has an exciting aesthetic appeal to its clientele, similar to that that you find in today’s modern hair salon and offers services at a fraction of the price. The education and life skills students received at Hair Benders Academy will give them a great opportunity for career success in beauty industry.

Your Path to a Successful Career Starts Now!
People, like yourself, who continually look for ways to learn more and apply themselves, have the smoothest career paths.  We want to help you with yours!

It’s about You.
Looking good and feeling good about yourself provides personal satisfaction.   Knowing you can help others look and feel good about themselves is equally rewarding.  A Cosmetology career or Aesthetics career* can provide that for you!  Look and see what our beauty schools have to offer and let us help you decide on the career skills that will last you a lifetime and express your creativity as you never have before!

Our Mission Statement to You.
It is the hope and purpose of our Cosmetology schools to provide students with a positive learning environment and a pathway to career success in cosmetology arts and sciences and related programs.  All students are provided a quality education that is up-to-date with today's trends while using industry quality tools.   Throughout the course of a students Cosmetology training, students will receive periodic reviews of their progress to better prepare them for their respective state board exam for Cosmetology licensure and employment.